Ian and Matt Know Everything

Volume 2 – Episode 8: Star Wars Celebration, the incoming PS5 and PICKLES!

April 19, 2019

Can Ian handle all of the news and announcements that came out of Star Wars Celebration? Rise of Skywalker! Jedi: Fallen Order! Galaxy's Edge! Clone Wars! The Mandalorian! Matt can barely contain his excitement while Ian takes a couple of laps around the block. Oh, but we've got so much more than that... We have a quick chat about the PS5 announcements with our own brand of speculation and uninformed opinions. How about that all-digital XBOX ONE S? Ian revels in his high school music collection while Matt covers a few new releases and his undying love for The Beatles. And we'd like to pose a question for you all... How does Ian REALLY feel about pickles? Listen in and find out!